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    This is a daily weather dataset that was produced to support hydrological modelling of the Thames catchment including use of the JULES land surface model . It contains daily values of each of seven weather variables: air pressure, precipitation, wind speed, air temperature, wet bulb temperature, short wave radiation and cloud cover. The dataset was developed from the Met Office Integrated Data Archive System (MIDAS) to enable the calibration of multisite, multivariate weather generators that could be used to provide inputs to JULES using the Rglimclim software package ( The inputs were to be provided both at the station locations, and over a 5x5km2 grid located over the Kennet subcatchment. Topographic and other relevant information is provided for all relevant locations. The weather data contain many missing values: no attempt has been made to restore or interpolate these, since (a) the amount of missing data is so large that any interpolation exercise could have induce substantial biases in the final results of the hydrological modelling (b) Rglimclim does not require complete data records to produce a coherent weather generator.