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    1999 SEA1 (White Zone) - TOBI surveys of the Wyville-Thomson Ridge and the eastern slope of the Faeroe-Shetland Channel carried out during the Department of Trade and Industry's (now Department of Energy and Climate Change) Strategic Environmental Assessment SEA1. This preliminary report describes the data collection and interpretation carried out by Southampton Oceanography Centre in the summer of 1999. The work was carried out in two survey legs, Leg A was a regional side-scan sonar survey, whilst leg B was a seafloor survey of targets selected from the results of leg 1. This preliminary report is presented in 4 sections: Section 1 - Cruise report for Leg A; Section 2 - Cruise report for Leg B; Section 3 - Regional environmental interpretation from side-scan sonar and camera data; Section 4 - Initial environmental assessment. Raw data and the survey report are available.