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    Data derived from NERC grant NE/I024127/1 1) 36Cl data and supporting chemistry. This folder contains the 36Cl concentration data, data on sample locations on fault planes, major and trace element concentrations, and similar data for upper slope samples. 2) Depth versus density data for trenches in colluvium. This folder contains measurements of weights and volumes of colluvial material removed from trenches for some of the 36Cl sites. These data are used to calculate colluvial densities to inform modelling of the 36Cl data. 3) Field Site Documentation. This folder contains field data and field photographs and movies of the sample sites. It also contains a file that summarises interpretations of the data in this folder, to provide numerical values needed to support modeling the 36Cl data to recover fault slip histories. 4) Google Earth Files to locate sample sites. This folder contains kmz files for Google Earth to locate the sample sites. 5) Terrestrial LiDAR data for each 36Cl sample sites. This folder contains Terrestrial LiDAR data (from a LiDAR on a tripod).