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    The UK Geoenergy Observatories (UKGEOS) Glasgow superficial deposits GSI3D model outputs, created by the British Geological Survey, provide a semi-regional overview of the depth, thickness and extent of glacial and post-glacial lithostratigraphic units above rockhead. The model allows users to visualise the likely subsurface sequence to be found beneath this part of Glasgow, applicable at a scale of around 1: 25,000 to 1: 10,000. The data is supplied as grids and shapefiles over a 7 by 4.15 km area, with the depth range to around 40 m below Ordnance Datum. This model describes an interpretation of the shallow geology before the UKGEOS Glasgow boreholes have been drilled, and was used to inform the expected sequence on drilling. Further details and model limitations can be found in the accompanying metadata report