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    This dataset contains data from two seismic and one infrasound array deployed at Mt. Etna during the late part of the 2020-2021 eruptive crises (May-November 2021). The arrays were composed as follow: 1) a 7-element array of 3-component, broadband (Trillium T120 compact) seismometers; 2) a 5-element array of 3-component short-period (Lennartz LE-3Dlite-MkII); 3) a 6-element array of broadband infrasound microphones (IST2018). All data were recorded with a sampling rate of 100 Hz and 24-bit resolution using Digos Datacube3 digitizers. The data were collected through a collaboration between the University of Liverpool, UK, and the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV), Italy, with the purpose of characterizing pre- and syn-eruption tremor signals at Etna, and their links to the timing, style and intensity of paroxysmal eruptive activity at the volcano. The dataset contains records of different examples of paroxysmal activity (i.e., intense episodes of sustained Strombolian explosions accompanied by emission of ash at the vent) as well signals associated with as explosive degassing at the summit vent. Data recovery rates for this experiment were high; there are only very minor gaps in the data owing to periods of scheduled maintenance and data download during the deployment period.