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    The Land Survey Plans collection of c.1,520 plans consists largely of mine plans acquired by the Survey, including 492 non-coal mine plans deposited by the National Coal Board 1984-87, and copies of mine plans derived from various sources including '6-inch reductions'. The collection also contains about 500 miscellaneous plans extracted from other Land Survey records in order to benefit from specialised systems of archival storage. The Survey's collection of Northern England mine plans are being added to the LSP collection. The collection supplements the Plans Of Abandoned Mines (Other than Coal & Oil Shale) in Scotland (NONCOALPLANSCO) providing an index to plans other than coal and oil shale for Scotland. Indexed on BGS Plans Database Index. Coal Authority hold some non-coal plans for Scotland. All non-confidential data held by NGRC(N) is available to users. Mainly coalfield areas of Central Scotland.