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    (I) Handpump Vibration Data For each handpump, data is organized in one CSV file per day. These files are grouped together over batches, where each batch approximately corresponds to three months. (II) Borehole Water Level Data Water level data at the borehole of each handpump is recorded in one CSV file per handpump. Both uncompensated (raw) and compensated (with respect to atmospheric pressure) data are available. (III) Data Time Logs A separate Excel file lists the locations of the monitoring sites and the time logs corresponding to both (I) and (II) per handpump. References: [1] P. Thomson, R. Hope, and T. Foster, “GSM-enabled remote monitoring of rural handpumps: a proof-of-concept study,” Journal of Hydroinformatics, vol. 14, no. 4, pp. 829–839, 05 2012. [Online]. Available: [2] F. Colchester, “Smart handpumps: a preliminary data analysis,” IET Conference Proceedings, pp. 7–7(1). [Online]. Available: [3] H. Greeff, A. Manandhar, P. Thomson, R. Hope, and D. A. Clifton, “Distributed inference condition monitoring system for rural infrastructure in the developing world,” IEEE Sensors Journal, vol. 19, no. 5, pp.1820–1828, March 2019. [4] F. E. Colchester, H. G. Marais, P. Thomson, R. Hope, and D. A. Clifton, “Accidental infrastructure for groundwater monitoring in africa,” Environmental Modelling Software, vol. 91, pp. 241 – 250, 2017. [Online]. Available: [5] A. Manandhar, H. Greeff, P. Thomson, R. Hope, and D. A. Clifton, “Shallow Aquifer Monitoring Using Handpump Vibration Data,” In-review, 2019.