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    Rock magnetic data corresponding to demagnetisation (LIV_DEMAG) and paleointensity (LIV_PI) data submitted as part of this grant. This data is divided into two subfolders, "Kappabridge" and "VFTB", corresponding to the instrument used to acquire the data. Those folders each contain one or more folders labelled with a four letter code, corresponding to a specific locality and/or experiment type, matching the letter codes in LIV_DEMAG and LIV_PI. The Kappabridge folders then contain raw data files of temperature-dependent magnetic susceptibility, and the VFTB folders contain raw data files of hysteresis, coercivity, isothermal remanent magnetisation and thermomagnetic curve measurements. CFEH corresponds to clinker samples from USA attempting to isolate an Epsilon Hematite phase. LPRM are data from Kinghorn and Wormit Bay volcanics in Scotland, ~330 Ma, specifically for samples given a lab TRM at 80uT and a PRM at 80uT. WTBY are Devonian volcanics from Wormit Bay, sampled in 2015. YDSR are data from Yandiniling Dike Swarm, Yilgarn Craton in Australia, sampled Nov 2018.